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Wood Piles

 Buy one board,

or 1000...          

At Smoky Mountain Vintage Lumber we make finding the right unique pieces for your project easy.

It is our goal to meet the needs of ALL our customers. Crafters and home woodworkers can buy just one board if that's what your project calls for, and contractor and designer clients can rely on us to act as suppliers for much larger projects as well.

We regularly stock a large selection of authentic reclaimed lumber, including:

- 8/4 and 4/4 barn wood boards

- Barn wood planks specially milled for easy application to walls, doors, ceilings and more

- Rustic and hand-hewn beams of all lengths and dimensions

- Live edge wood slabs of various lengths and species

Our inventory is always growing and changing, contact us or come by

to inquire about your specific needs or quantities. 


We are proud to be official retailers for some of our favorite brands of wood finish, adhesive and epoxy:

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