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Chief Nail Puller, Andrew Edens, founded Smoky Mountain Vintage Lumber in 2012.

After taking down a barn in Bulls Gap, TN and realizing the character and quality of the wood he was rediscovering, he began working on the idea of a company dedicated to preserving and making reclaimed lumber more readily available for construction projects in the Great Smoky Mountains region.

In large part due to our fantastic clients and customers, Smoky Mountain Vintage Lumber has grown to two locations, featuring a full-service custom wood shop, showroom, lumber yard and tree milling and kiln drying service.

Smoky Mountain Vintage Lumber Logo

All of our wood workers take great pride in their work and have a deep appreciation and understanding of the special qualities of reclaimed wood. We are experts in this specialized field, and promise to bring the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship to your project.

Wood worker carpenter
Barn wood

We are proud to work with many outstanding regional businesses including:

Blackberry Farm

Blackberry Mountain

First Watch Restaurants

Shulz Bräu Brewery

Magpie's Bakery

Elst Brewery

Discovery Channel


Stock & Barrell

Elemental Design Co.

Hops & Hollers

Loveliest Bridal Boutique

Moe's Original Barbeque

Crafty Bastard

Hi-Wire Brewery

Fanatic Brewing Co.

Abridged Beer Company

Blount County Eye Center

Rustic Decor

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