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SMVL Moves to the Happy Holler in Downtown Knoxville!

October 7th, 2013

Smoky Mountain Vintage Lumber is happy to announce that we have moved our works shop and lumberyard to downtown Knoxville in the Happy Holler at 937 N. Central Street.  While it will take a few weeks to get all of our inventory moved and organized, we're open for business and available by appointment to showcase our barnwood inventory.


Chief Nail Puller, Andrew Edens, said "We're excited to bring the business to a more convenient location to greater Knoxville.  It will allow us to eventually be open regular hours and allow more crafters and home woodworkers to browse and buy as little as one board if that's what their project calls for.  But we'll also be more convenient for our larger contractor and designer clients as well!"


Look for the giant 15 foot Woody the Owl on the side of our building!

WBIR NBC 10: N. Central Developing in Destination 

Dec. 2nd, 2013

(WBIR-North Knoxville) Many new businesses are popping up in North Knoxville, especially on North Central Street.

The city has made a push for revitalization in the Happy Holler area for many years now.

Holly's Corner, a new sandwich shop, moved into the former Central Street Books location about a month ago.

"A lot of us kind of live in this neighborhood and wanted to be a part of the revitalization, and just to make it a cool place, a destination for people to come," said Kate Joy, a manager for Holly's Corner.





Holly Hambright is the owner; her sister's business, Magpies, is next door.

A couple blocks north of Holly's Corner is Smoky Mountain Vintage Lumber or "Wood With A Story."

Co-owner Andrew Edens also runs his company, Hard Knox Marketing, from the site.


"It's just a more welcoming area since I've lived in Knoxville. Over the seven years I've really seen this area up-and-coming and I'm glad to be a part of it," Edens said.


Smoky Mountain Vintage Lumber will start selling Tennessee Christmas trees from its lot (937 N. Central St.) on November 25. 10% of the proceeds will benefit local charities. 


Aug. 27, 2014

(WBIR-North Knoxville) If you want to build something out of wood, you could always head down to your local hardware store or big box retailer to find some two by fours.

If you want another option, you could go to a specialty store to find wood that's rare. It's not just old, it's vintage.

All the wood at Smoky Mountain Vintage Lumber was once a tree and then something else.

"It's nice to use a piece of wood that's been used for something else and then reclaim it so it has another life after I get done using it," Andrew Edens said.

The owner is a marketing guy and a woodworker who has a passion for reusing vintage wood.

"It started with one barn I took down in Bulls Gap. After that we tore down another seven barns," he said.

His inventory has expanded to include old buildings, beams, siding and even floors.

He picked up some grooved boards and said, "So this was gymnasium flooring laid in Mount Olive Elementary School. And it's actually milled locally at the Vestal, which is an Appalachian sawmill."

To the untrained eye the stacks of wood may look like old boards but to Andrew Edens it's actually wood with a story.






Vintage wood is reclaimed from old barns and buildings

SMVL Profiled in "Made in TN" Special!

​, March 2013

6 News caught up with Bryce Caldwell and Andrew Edens of Smoky Mountain Vintage Lumber as they were sifting through the finds from one of their biggest salvage jobs. 

"We reclaim barns that have served their useful life and we give the barns second life," said Caldwell. Their latest find was a massive red, dilapidated barn in the Jefferson City area.

Vintage Lumber was able to carefully remove by hand floor boards, ladders, barn doors, and even some unique horse windows.

SMVL Helps Braden's Furniture and HGTV Launch New Furniture Line in Knoxville, TN!

SMVL, April 2013

Smoky Mountain Vintage Lumber was privileged to be a part of the home market launch of the new HGTV furniture line at Braden's Lifestyles Furniture in Knoxville, TN.

Inspired by the reclaimed look and feel of the HGTV Woodlands Collection, SMVL designed and installed a custom decorative wall of vintage barnwood interior siding from a tobacco barn in Sharps Chapel, TN.   

HGTV, owned by Scripps Networks, is based in Knoxville, TN and is one of the world's foremost experts on home decor and building projects.

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